Adjustable Leather Cartridge Ammo Holder for Rifles Retro Style 12 16 Caliber or .30-30 .308 Caliber Hunting Ammo Pouch Bag Stock Right Handed Shotgun Shell Holder

  • Open. Convenient for fast reloading gun. Buttstock ammo holder size: Length is 8", the long side is 4", the short side is 3 1/2". The adjustable buttstock cartridge holder is equipped with 6 rounds for .30-30, .30-06, .308 caliber or with 6 rounds for 12 (16) Ga.
  • Fastened to the butt with the help of the original lacing and on the back with a rubber band.
  • ATTENTION: this cartridge shown in the pictures are not included.
  • Protects the butt from scratches and other damage. Capacity - 6 cartridges 12/16 threaded.
  • Made of leather. Decorated with lacing and contrast stitching seams and edges of the product.

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