Dog Chrome Metal Muzzles Wire Basket Adjustable Leather Straps (#4) Circumference is 9.4-11 in, Length is 3.1-3.5 in

A strong and reliable metal chrome-plated muzzle will serve you and you're four-legged for more than one year. Thanks to the chrome fittings, the accessory has an attractive appearance, securely fastens and holds its shape well. The high-quality muzzle will protect others during walks with the dog, as well as useful when traveling or moving, visiting a veterinarian, etc.
  • The muzzle for dogs is made of genuine leather, synthetic winterizer and metal.
  • To wear such an accessory on a dog is not just a fad, but a requirement of the law. So that your four-legged friend does not frighten others, choose this stylish and beautiful muzzle.
  • This muzzle allows your dog visit a vet but prevents eating off the ground.
  • No breathing discomfort for a dog in the heat. Metal wire muzzle has excellent ventilation.
  • Comfortable shape basket. Snout circumference is 9.4 - 11 in, the length is 3.1 - 3.5 in.

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