Cupcake maker Mini Muffins Open Pies Cookie Maker Non-stick Cookies

Designed for baking shortcake in the form of fluted-edge open pies (mini muffins). The form consists of two aluminum half-forms, that can be easily connected to each other. At the same time, you can do 7 fluted-edge open pies (mini muffins). The maker is intended for baking mini muffins on an electric or gas stove. Mini muffins can be baked from shortbread dough, and then they can be stuffed with various fillings: chocolate, fruit, whipped cream, creams. Mini Tart Pan
  • Intended for baking mini muffins on an electric or gas stove. Maker of two halves metal parts and 7 Mini Muffins Open Pies. Weight: 0.90 kg / 2 lb Material: Food Aluminum.
  • Now the Muffins never stick to the form! Non-stick coating is as effective as possible during the cooking process, as well as very easy to care. Buy only original PetriStor products. Packaging PetriStor!
  • Energy saving in the process of cooking (non-stick coating makes the walls and bottom of the dishes thicker, due to which there is a uniform heating and maintenance of heat. Easy care if you have a question about how to clean the pan with a non-stick coating, then the answer is very simple: most non-stick coatings are easy to care - just rinse it with a soft sponge or send it to a dishwasher.
  • Preserving the beneficial properties of products (forms for baking with non-stick coatings allow you to minimize the amount of fat and oil during roasting.
  • Forms for baking with non-stick coating are considered one of the most environmentally friendly and safe for human health. They have excellent non-stick properties, they quickly and evenly heat up in the baking process. You will be able to use a minimum amount of oil - so the products retain all their useful trace elements and vitamins.

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