Cartridge Belt for Smooth-bore rounds100% Polyester Hunting Accessories 24 Smooth Bore Cartridges Open Waterproof Shell Holde Shotgun Bandolier

  • Length is 54in", width is 3in". Will fit waist size from 31in" to 51in. The cartridge belt open, for 24 smooth-bore cartridges
  • The Shell Holder is made of high quality 100% Polyester waterproof.
  • The cartridge belt is equipped with a belt fastening system with adjustable length, the belt is fixed with a buckle.
  • The cartridge belt contains 24 cells for 12-gauge cartridges.
  • The Cartridge Belt is a necessary element of equipment for each hunter.
  • color: Black Oak Camo
  • color: Brown Cane Camo
  • color: Camouflage pixel
  • color: Green Oak Camo
  • color: Black
  • color: Khaki

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