10 Mushrooms Cookie Mold Non-stick Coating Walnut Cookie Presses

The non-stick coating is as effective as possible during the cooking process, as well as very easy to care. Food Surface Coatings Operating temperature: constant/intermittent -195 to + 260 ° С / 315 ° С (500 / 600F °) Anti-adhesive, anti-corrosion, anti-friction properties 1 For food 2 Dishwasher 3 Healthy and fast cooking 4 Durable 5 Easy to wash 6 Do not scratch Recipe: «Mushrooms» For a recipe, you will need: 2 eggs 1.5 tbsp. sugar 1 tbsp. sour cream 1 packet of butter (250 g0.5Lb) 1 tsp soda, slaked vinegar 3 tbsp. flour Preparation: beat eggs with sugar, add sour cream, then add melted butter, soda, which is extinguished with vinegar and at the end of the flour, we get a dough like a pancake, take the shape on the fire and heat it well, then grease it with sunflower oil and put the spoon on a small fire with two parties. Bon Appetit! !
  • Non-stick coating is as effective as possible during the cooking process, as well as very easy to care.
  • Energy saving in the process of cooking (non-stick coating makes the walls and bottom of the dishes thicker, due to which there is a uniform heating and maintenance of heat
  • Easy care if you have a question about how to clean the pan with a non-stick coating, then the answer is very simple: most non-stick coatings are easy to care - just rinse it with a soft sponge or send it to a dishwasher
  • Preserving the beneficial properties of products (forms for baking with non-stick coatings allow you to minimize the amount of fat and oil during roasting.
  • Forms for baking with non-stick coating are considered one of the most environmentally friendly and safe for human health. They have excellent non-stick properties, they quickly and evenly heat up in the baking process. You will be able to use a minimum amount of oil - so the products retain all their useful trace elements and vitamins.

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