Right-Handed Cartridge Belt for Shotgun 12 16 Gauge Adjustable Padded Pouch Holder Right Handed Hunting Accessories Magazine Pouches & Holders

  • Polyester fabric waterproof. Open. Adjustable buttstock cartridge holder size: Length is 6", the long side is 3 1/8", the short side is 2 1/2".
  • Convenient for fast reloading gun. Attached to the butt. Colour - Light Camo.
  • This rifle stock cover has elastic straps to adjust this cover to your stock size. Elastic loops hold shells tightly for secure transportation.
  • The camo shell holder is made of quality waterproof nylon, allows to carry up to 6 cartridges of 12 16 Gauge.
  • Protects the butt from scratches and other damage.

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