11 Cookie Assorted cookies without filling Aluminum Marker Cookies

Form for baking "11 Cookie Assorted" whole from 11ti Aluminum forms for baking. I suggest you a recipe from childhood. For the recipe you need: 2 eggs 1.5 tbsp. Sahara 1 tbsp. Sour cream 1 packet of margarine (250 gr.) 1 tsp. Soda, slaked 3 tbsp. Flour Preparation: Beat eggs with sugar.We add sour cream. Then add the melted margarine. Soda vinegar. And at the end of the flour. You get a dough, like a pancake Take the form, Put on the fire and well-hot, then Grease with sunflower oil and spoon dough. Bake on small fire on both sides, that's all.
  • Form for baking "11 Cookie Assorted" whole from 11ti Aluminum molds for Baking Despite the popularity of modern silicone molds, Aluminum products are still as popular.
  • Often they are used by cooks with experience, since aluminum It has a high thermal conductivity and dishes in these are prepared faster.
  • Lovers should choose thick-walled products, because in Forms with thin walls baking can quickly burn out.
  • Material: aluminum, handles with wooden handpieces Manufacturing Ukraine,

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