8 pcs Cheesemaking Kit Strainer cheese Basic Cheese Mold Heart 0,3 l

ADVANTAGES OF USE OF THE FORMS FOR CHEESE Convenient for use and storage. Durable and light, take up little space. Preserve the delicate structure of the cheese grain. They have a smooth surface and are easy to clean. Safe for home use. Made from food polyethylene and propylene. Accelerate the production of hard and soft cheeses. Provide an attractive appearance of the finished product. They have a long service life, retaining their characteristics for many years. Length 10 cm/4 inc, width 11 cm/4.3 inc. height 6 cm/2.5 inc, weight 25 g/0.06lb Material Plastic
  • If you decide to do homemade cheese, you will definitely need cheese molds.
  • Set of 8 pieces. Country of origin-Ukraine
  • Cheese Form for soft cheese, volume of 300 ml. length 10 cm/4 inc, width 11 cm/4inc. height 6 cm/2.5 inc, weight 25 g/0.06lb. Appointment of the form - For cheese. Material Plastic
  • Cheese molds for cheesemaking such hard and soft cheeses from cow, goat and sheep’s milk: Mozzarella, Maskrapone, Brie, Parmesan, Cambocola, Camembert, Gorgonzola, Tete de Mouans, Roquefort, Bocconcini, Burrata, Grana Padano, Castelmagno, Cachotte, , Ricotta, Talejo, Beaufort, Valenza, Gouda, Maasdam, Mildziter, Manchego, Radamer, Suluguni, Cachotte, Parmesan, Parmigiano, Dor blu, etc.

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