Sauna Hat King Crown Wool Felt Banya 100% Natural

FELT HAT FOR THE RUSSIAN SAUNA (баня/BANYA). King crown. For man. The hat looks good on the head of any circle. HIGHT QUALITY - CARPATHIAN WOOL 100%. The only natural material which can be made felt - it is wool, with the best wool. Wool Fibers have a flaky top layer-cuticle. Thanks to it, fibres can be coupled with each can be coupled with each other under the influence of hot water and steam.
  • The main task of the cap is to protect your head from possible overheating.
  • Protects head and hair from overheating Only hand wash in cool water Made in Ukraine
  • And it is precisely in order to avoid such an unpleasant situation that it is worth taking advantage of a special cap, which was invented specifically for this purpose.
  • For example, in the Finnish sauna, dry air is used, the temperature of which sometimes exceeds 100 degrees - with such indicators the scalp and the hair itself can get quite serious burns.
  • Besides the fact that such a hat is an excellent thermal insulator, it also absorbs moisture. It is best to use a hat for the sauna, which is made only from natural materials

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