PetriStor Sauna Hat Napoleon Natural Felt Made in Ukraine

Type - Cap Material - Felt Country of manufacture - Ukraine Size - universal The fact that such a hat is an excellent thermal insulator, it also absorbs moisture. It is best to use a hat for the sauna, which is made only from natural materials.
  • Protects head and hair from overheating. Only hand wash in cool water Made in Ukraine
  • The main task of the cap is to protect your head from possible overheating.
  • Someone may think that the use of a special cap in the bath is completely unnecessary and it is quite possible to do without it, but is it really so as it turns out, the cap is really just a necessary element when visiting a steam room (and absolutely any).
  • For example, in the Finnish sauna, dry air is used, the temperature of which sometimes exceeds 100 degrees - with such indicators the scalp and the hair itself can get quite serious burns.

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