Walnut 12 Cookie Mold (Oreshek) Maker Oreshki Rissian Soviet Cookies by PetriStor


It consists of two cast iron half-molds, easily connected to each other. The resulting bulk baking can be filled with a variety of fillings: berry, chocolate, curd, and also from jam, whipped cream, nut, cream, vanilla cream, pudding, honey. Halves of "nut" can be filled with stuffing and do not stack in one piece. Recipes of cooking yours from your imagination. Handles wooden

  • Aluminum form for baking cookies "Nuts" for 12 places
  • Inside the hollow - under the filling
  • Material - Aluminum alloy food
  • Simultaneously it is possible to make 12 halves of a nut
  • Recipes of cooking depend on your imagination

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