Walnut Cookie Mold Maker 16 halves Non-stick Cookies Pastry

Buy only original PetriStor products. Packaging PetriStor! Walnut Cookie Maker (Oreshek) Maker 16 nut Oreshki Rissian Soviet Cookies Pastry Oreshnitsa Орешница Food Surface Coatings Operating temperature: constant/intermittent -195 to + 260 ° С / 315 ° С (500 / 600F °) Anti-adhesive, anti-corrosion, anti-friction properties Using: 1 For food 2 Dishwasher 3 Healthy and fast cooking 4 Durable 5 Easy to wash 6 Do not scratch RECIPE: Melted butter 200 gm/0.4LB 2 eggs Sugar ¾ glasses (150 gm/0.3 LB) Salt ¼ teaspoon Vanilla to taste (optional) Baking soda 1/2 teaspoon Vinegar about 1/2 tablespoons All-purpose flour 3.5 glasses (455 gm/1 LB) Oil (to grease the maker, before baking the first batch of dough only) Mix sugar with salt, vanilla, and eggs. Pour in melted (cooled of) butter. Mix it. Pour vinegar over baking soda (above the mixture, as it will foam and escape from the spoon), and stir it really well. Add the flour (1 glass at a time). Knead the dough on the table. Form little balls. Use a ½ teaspoon measuring spoon, and they turned out to be just the perfect size. Preheat the greased maker. Place the balls into the maker. Keep it about a minute and a half on one side, and then about a minute on the other. You can peek during the cooking to see if the shells are getting golden in color. After they are baked, you just open it above the plate and the nut shells falling right out. 10 simple steps to extend the life of your updated dishes: When using for the first time, wipe the surface with the soft side of the sponge with detergent, rinse under warm water! When it dries, apply vegetable oil to the surface. All is ready! Always cook on low and medium heat! This will help to keep healthy items in the food! Use only wooden and silicone kitchen spatulas! Do not use caustic and aggressive detergents for cleaning Teflon surfaces! Do not allow the occurrence of soot! Do not allow the occurrence of soot! Do not expose the surface of dishes to metal objects.
  • Energy saving in the process of cooking (non-stick coating makes the walls and bottom of the dishes thicker, due to which there is a uniform heating and maintenance of heat. Probably, each of us remembers the unusually tasty and as if magic nuts filled with condensed milk, which in childhood was prepared by mom, grandmother or neighbor.
  • Easy care if you have a question about how to clean the pan with a non-stick coating, then the answer is very simple: most non-stick coatings are easy to care - just rinse it with a soft sponge or send it to a dishwasher.
  • Preserving the beneficial properties of products (forms for baking with non-stick coatings granite stone allow you to minimize the amount of fat and oil during roasting.
  • Forms for baking with non-stick coating are considered one of the most environmentally friendly and safe for human health. They have excellent non-stick properties, they quickly and evenly heat up in the baking process. You will be able to use a minimum amount of oil - so the products retain all their useful trace elements and vitamins.

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