Walnut Cookie Mold Maker 9 Halves Nuts Oreshki Russian Soviet

Baking dish of nuts with condensed milk filling. The resulting bulk pastries can be filled with a variety of fillings: berry, chocolate, cottage cheese, as well as from jam, whipped cream, walnut, cream, vanilla cream, pudding, honey. Halves of the "nut" can be filled with stuffing and not put into one. Cooking recipes depend on your imagination. At the same time, you can make 9 halves of the nut. Nuts Cookies Bakeware material - special food grade aluminum alloy 16 nuts We lubricate the form for the peanuts with oil, put a little dough into each cell and bake the shells until golden brown. Cool, dub the edges. Stuff the halves with stuffing, connect. Weight 905 g./3lb. Size 14.6i x 6.5 x 2.5in. Baking size 1.5x1.8x1.8in.
  • Probably, each of us remembers the unusually tasty and as if magic nuts filled with condensed milk, which in childhood was prepared by mom, grandmother or neighbor.
  • So why not bring pleasant memories into reality? To do this, you just need to buy a baking dish of nuts and start your magic yourself. Oreshnitsa will make any day a holiday, and it is not necessary to make nuts only with condensed milk.
  • The choice of filling depends on the imagination of who is using oreshnitsa and what products are currently available, and it could be jam, cream, cream, chocolate paste, and so on.
  • Buy only original PetriStor products. Packaging PetriStor! Branded wooden spatula in the kit.
  • 9 halves at one time + bonus + recipe!!! Even a child can prepare nuts, but under the supervision of parents. Creating extraordinary delicacies - the process is always creative and fun, which means baking nuts can become one of the family traditions!

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